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COVID-19 Update

The following events have been postponed:

  • 25th March – Dr Robert Hunter’s talk on ‘The Passion of Christ: A Forensic Medical Perspective’.
  • 9th May – Social event (Florence Nightingale Tour + Lunch).

We are hoping to resume in September (2020-21 Session), and are planning meetings as usual with an intention to review as the COVID-19 situation changes.

Welcome to Derby Medical Society!

Welcome to the Derby Medical Society website. The society was founded in 1862 for the purpose of bringing together medical practitioners from the many diverse branches of medicine to discuss the medical science of the day and to present and discuss cases of interest to its members.

To this day, the society maintains the spirit and motivation of its founders through the presentation of a yearly lecture series featuring keynote speakers from all walks of medicine, many of whom have world renowned reputations in their field. Additionally, the society has a proud tradition of supporting the medical community through its long standing association with the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund and through the provision of bursaries and awards for medical students and trainees.

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