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Archive of Past Presidents

2017-2018 Session

Dr Stuart Holloway

2016-2017 Session

Mr Keith Jones

2015-2016 Session

Dr John Charlton


Until May of this year I was a full time GP partner in Mickleover, joining in 1983, when my late father was also a partner. I have had a number of clinical jobs over the years including Rheumatology, neuro-rehabilitation (folk may remember my letters from King’s Lodge) and then in the last 10 years helping at the Dermatology department. I help out as a tutor at Cardiff University with my dermatology hat on.
Presently I’m what is called a portfolio GP which includes locum GP work and back at the Dermatology department. The last few weeks have included surgeries in Hartington, Mickleover and for the military. I am just back from two weeks GP in Sennelager Barracks, Germany.
I’ve always lived in the practice area, at the moment in Kirk Langley. My main passion (after my family of course!) is two-seater aeroplanes and I even have a small airstrip at the house, amongst the sheep and hens. I can often be found at weekends in the ‘control tower’ at Tatenhill manning the radio.
I’m honoured to be asked to be the president of our society. I have put together a variety of talks from eminent speakers which I hope will be of interest. There will be the usual meal before the meetings, at the Medical School, which I do hope will encourage us to network. E mails have been sent to as many GP practice managers as I can find and I hope you will all encourage as many colleagues to join the society.
This presidency role is very new to me and if there is anything I can do for the society, or anything you feel is amiss,  please let me know.
John Charlton

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