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The Presidential Jewel of the Derby Medical Society
The Derby Medical Society was founded in 1862. One of its founders, William Ogle (1824-1905) was Derby’s first Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and a longstanding Physician to what came to be known as the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. Of historical importance are the letters that Ogle wrote to Florence Nightingale during the expansion of the Infirmary. Her correspondence to him is preserved in the British Library’s Nightingale Papers.

The presidential Jewel of the Society incorporates the arms of the Ogle family, with those of the City of Derby and Derbyshire County Council.

Dr Stuart Holloway MA FRCGP, President 2017-18, introduced a new motto for the society at his inaugural address on October 11th 2017: ‘Causa studium medicinae sequendi’ (‘Enabling curiosity in medicine’, or literally, ‘For the sake of pursuing zeal for medicine’).

Grave of Dr. William Ogle

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